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Ekadanta – How did Ganpati Bappa lose his tooth

One may remember the Kamdhenu story. The one where Raja Kartavirya killed Rishi Jamadagni in greed for acquiring Kamdhenu. Rishi Jamadagni’s son, Parshuram, avenged his father’s death by killing all the Kshatriyas from earth. Parshuram was known to be aggressive and hasty.

God Shiv had bestowed upon Pharsa weapon to Parshuram for this battle. Once the battle was over, he wanted to return the weapon to his guru and seek his blessings.

Once upon a time, God Shiv and Goddess Parvati were resting in their rooms. Lord Ganpati was guarding the door. Parshuram arrived at their abode in the Himalayas and noticed Ganpati at the door. 

Ganpati guarding the gate when Parshuram arrives

Parshuram told Ganpati to make way for him to enter inside. Just then Ganpati said, “Dear Muni, kindly have some patience and wait at the door, for I will check if God Shiv and Goddess Parvati are ready to meet you.” Parshuram hesitated and laughed, “No one can stop me from meeting my Guru as it is my right. Move aside at once!”

Ganpati Vs. Parshuram

Ganpati tried in many ways to explain and remind Parshuram how it is not wise to enter anyone’s room without their permission. Parshuram was persistent.

In between, God Kartikeya arrived and tried to give his two cents in this matter. He reminded Parshuram, “Remember, oh Muni, Ganpati is your Guru’s son and holds a respectful position. It is only wise to understand what he has to propose.”

But, to his vain, Prashuram angrily forced himself through the door. Calm Ganpati held Parshuram with his trunk and tried to move him away by swaying him through the universe hoping for him to cool down in the process. However, Parshuram used his Pharsa weapon and threw it towards Ganpati.

To honor his father’s weapon, Ganpati rerouted Pharsa to his teeth. The entire universe shook!!

Ganpati’s parents arrived to find him lying on the ground with blood coming out of his mouth. As Kartikey had witnessed this entire debacle, he told his mother what happened. Goddess Parvati, the Shiv Shakti, turned to God Shiv and asked him to judge this situation to punish the one who is at wrong.

God Shiv said, “Dear Shakti, you are Ganpati’s mother and you are mother to all living beings in this universe. With that reference both Ganpati and Parshuram are your children. So, you are the right one to make the judgement.”

Goddess Parvati was about to make the judgement, a rather harsh one. Just then God Wamana arrived (He is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, more on that in other story). He consoled Goddess Parvati and explained, ”Out of the 8 names that Ganpati would be known with, Ekadanta is one of them and this entire incident may not be anyone’s fault, but something that was destined.”

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