Ganesh Stories: 10 amazing stories your child would love

In ignorance people might search for him as the elephant-headed Hindu god, but those who know him as beloved Ganesh, may call him Ganpati, Gajanan, Vinayak, Lambodar, Siddhivinayak and the list goes on and on

Let us invite you to dive into the mesmerising world of Ganesh Stories! 

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Ganesh ji

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Ganesh – The why behind Ganapati Bappa’s birth

Devi Parvati lived in Kailash and had her own quarters. She had two best friends – Jaya and Vijaya whom she adored and they were intelligent and faithful. Once they shared an observation with Ma Parvati, “Devi it is peculiar that you do not have any Gan (gang or clan) of your own.” 

One day, she was preparing to take a bath and decided to summon Nandi to guard her door. She instructed Nandi to not let anyone inside without her permission. Then, Shivji arrived and demanded to enter. Nandi could not stop him and let him inside.  . . . . Read Ganesh Birth Story

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Gajanan aka Ganesh - the elephant-headed-God

As he was about to start his service, God Shiv hastily walked towards Parvati’s room. Ignoring the guard at door, Shivji was about to enter when Ganesh stopped him. Amused by this boy’s confidence, Shivji said, “Who are you? I am the owner of these quarters and how can you stop me?”

Ganesh said, “That could be the truth, but let my mother finish her bath and get dressed. I will seek her permission, post then and only then you can get in.” Click here to read the story of Gajanan

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