Hanuman Stories: 10 amazing stories your child would love

In ignorance people might search for him as the Hindu monkey god, but those who know him as beloved Hanumanji, may call him Bajrangbali, Pawanputra,   and the list goes on and on

Let us invite you to dive into the mesmerising world of Hanuman Stories! 

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Hanuman ji

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You are currently viewing Maruti Goes On A Sunny Expedition – For a Mango!

Maruti was a playful and strong vaanar since birth. One morning, he woke up feeling famished. He rubbed his eyes and chubby cheeks, and looked around, but could not spot his mother, Anjani.

hanuman and sun god

He did not realize, it was not a mango, but Lord Surya, the Sun God! Maruti decided that even if the ‘mango’ was sky-high, he must try his best to pluck it. .  . . . . Read Hanuman Sunny Adventures

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Anjaneya: Arrival of The 'Vayuputra'

The sage was furious, because Anjani invaded his space. He cursed Anjani, saying that she would be born as a vaanar (monkey). Anjani broke down and apologized, realizing her folly. 

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Anjani transformed into a vaanar, and became a part of the kingdom of monkeys in Kishkinda. Anjani lived as the beloved wife of vaanar Kesari.

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