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Hindu Gods Game - Treasure Hunt

Sagar Manthan Treasure Hunt

Physical Product

Finding Ratnas, a Treasure Hunt, a Hindu Gods Game that children might play within their home. Not only it help them improve their creative thinking as they explore the stories related to 14 Ratnas from Ksheer Sagar Manthan [the churning of the ocean story], they will also learn critical thinking by solving the clues.

This product will be released in Feb 24.

Hindu Gods Game - Party Game

Physical Product

Try Describe Me, a very economic Party Game that a family or a group of friends might play in a Satsang after party or in any other similar get together.

This fun game may teach you collaboration and critical thinking. [Still being made]

This product will be released in Mar 24.

Hindu Gods Game - Card Battle

Physical Product

The Divine Battle is a card battle game based on Durga [Mahishasur Mardini] Devi’s win over Demon King Mahishasur

This game is being designed to let children experience imagination, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. [Still being made]

This product will be released in Apr 24.

Digital Hindu Gods Game for children

Digital Product

Krishna’s Arrival is a digital activity that is a part of our Astro Spy Series that focus eson concepts like Panchangam, Nakshatra, constellations, circular time, space bodies etc.

ThisDigital Riddle Room introduces the concept of panchangam to children through an Interactive video based riddle series. A riddle room is nothing but an easier version of an Escape Room.

This product will be released in May 24.

Here is our upcoming Escape Room

Digital Product

This Journey of Dhruva is an Escape Room that we have designed to let you test your brains while exploring the story of Dhruva whose amazing mother Suruchi guided him to follow the path to Bhagwan Vishnu.

In an escape room you are given Riddles after Riddles and you come out of it only when you are able to solve them all

This product will be released in Jun 24.