Solve puzzles to come out of this Escape Room

Journey of Dhruva


you are on a trip to an enchanting ancient temple

where mysteriously, you enter into the ancient kingdom of Raja Uttanapad

Now you get to know about the misdeed of his younger wife with the son of the elder queen Rani Suniti.

You are curious to know about what happened to her son but at the same time, you also want to go back home.

Welcome to our Escape Room.

An amazing Escape Room

The Journey of Dhruva

What is in the Escape Room

you will be expected to solve a set of puzzles to know about the story of the son of Suniti and to come out of this trap.

Here, there are 7 amazing puzzles to exercise your brain [you can be of any age from 8 to 88 or above]. For every puzzle there is a quick video to share instructions. 

so you see, it is not a video game

For the first 50 people, we will play it through a video meet. 

We invite you and your family to this enchanting journey where you will not only discover about ancient sages, astrophysics, and stories, you will also explore problem-solving and creative thinking.