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Maruti Goes On A Sunny Expedition – For a Mango!

Maruti’s temptation

Maruti was a playful and strong vaanar since birth.  One morning, he woke up feeling famished. He rubbed his eyes and chubby cheeks, and looked around, but could not spot his mother, Anjani. Suddenly he noticed something high above the trees, shining in a golden-orange colour. Believing it was a delicious ripe mango, Maruti jumped from tree to tree, to reach the mango. Each time he looked at the mango, it seemed larger and brighter. He did not realize, it was not a mango, but Lord Surya, the Sun God! Maruti decided that even if the ‘mango’ was sky-high, he must try his best to pluck it. He took a giant leap and flew into the sky.

Maruti is attacked!

Lord Indra watched from heaven and noticed someone flying, and feared that a stranger was moving towards Lord Surya to attack him.

Lord Indra, the God of rain and storm, hurled his powerful weapon – the Vajra, the ‘thunderbolt’ –  towards Maruti. As the Vajra hit Maruti, disfiguring his jaw, he screamed in pain and fell from the sky. Lord Vayu, the God of Winds, rushed and seized Maruti in his arms, and went into a cave. Lord Vayu had blessed Anjani with this adorable baby, and now the innocent child lay still on Lord Vayu’s lap. Enraged, Lord Vayu withdrew all the air from Earth, and all living beings started feeling breathless.

Maruti is revived

All the Gods gathered around Lord Vayu. Lord Indra said, “Please forgive me, I did not realize I was harming the Vayuputra.” Lord Vayu released the air back into Earth. As the Gods showered their blessings, Maruti slowly opened his eyes. Maruti smiled lovingly at Lord Vayu, and humbly joined his hands in prayer. Lord Indra blessed him and said, ” Maruti, you will be the strongest, and no weapon shall harm you.” Maruti was revived and given a new name – ‘Hanuman’ (meaning the one with a disfigured jaw).

Maruti’s sweet home – sweeter than a mango!

Lord Vayu lifted Hanuman into his arms and said, “Now let me take you home.” Back home, Anjani was worried that her child was nowhere to be seen. When she noticed Lord Vayu carrying her child, she was grateful! She kissed her baby and lovingly asked, “Where were you, my son?” Lord Vayu said, “Your boy has returned after an expedition. He is hungry. Ask him what he would like to eat.” 

Hanuman looked at Anjani and mischievously giggled – “Maa… Mango!”

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