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Mushak – How did Ganpati meet his unique Vahana?

Have you ever wondered, how did Mushak (the mouse and vehicle of Ganpati) and Ganpati meet? What is the story behind their great companionship?

This story goes back to the time in Dwaparyug, when the incarnation of Lord Ganpati – Gajanan was born. Gajanan was raised in Rishi Parashar’s ashram.

Mushak’s entry in Rishi Parashar’s ashram

A strong mouse had created havoc near Parashar’s ashram. Everyday, many rishis complained of his menace, but couldn’t kill the mouse or mushak, nor could they stop him from destroying their yagnas, crops, household items or anything else.

One day, Gajanan was playing in front of his foster-mother, Rishi-patni Vatsala. While Parashar was perturbed over the destruction that the little mushak caused, young Gajanan looked at his foster-father. He wondered, “I should take care of this. Afterall, it is my duty to help my father and end his misery.

Gajanan, who was Lord Ganesh himself, drew his weapon – Pash. This Pash traveled all directions, reached Patal lok by piercing through the earth and grabbed mushak’s neck to bring him to Gajanan.

Kraunch Gandharv turned into Mushak

Mushak was frightened and touched Gajanan’s feet. He then narrated his background to Gajanan. “I was a Gandharva in my previous birth, named Kraunch. During a meeting at Amravati (court of Dev Indra), I remembered some work. Hastily, I stood up and walked towards the gate. Unknowingly, I stepped on Maharishi Vamadev’s feet. Angrily, he cursed me to become a mouse and lead a stealth and sad life. That is how I got dropped here to fulfill the curse and seek ways to lift that curse off.

Gajanan, being the humble and kind God, said, “Your deed is unforgivable. But, since you are at my feet, you may ask me for some wish.” To which proud mushak said, “I have everything and I am strong, instead you may ask me for anything that you like, kid.

Gajanan asked mushak to be his vehicle. Mushak thought, carrying this little kid would be like a piece of cake. But as soon as Gajanan sat on mushak, he couldn’t move. He felt so much load that, he begged, “Dear Lord, I am not able to sustain your weight. Could you please lighten up a little and have mercy on me.”

Everyone was astonished to see this act. Parashar thought, “What has my son done? This mushak was so powerful that he destroyed mountains and big trees. Gajanan is a brave kid and proves that he is Lord Ganesh himself.”

Gajanan became lighter, just as mushak’s pride. This marked the start of Gajanan and Mushak’s companionship.

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