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Ram and Hanuman: The Friendship

The first meeting of Ram and Hanuman was the beginning of the strongest bond of friendship and devotion.

Ram: The warrior in search of his wife Sita

Ram, Sita, and Lakshman were living in exile in the Dandak forest. One day the cruel and cunning Ravan distracted Ram and Lakshman and sent them away from their small house. When they went far from home, Ravan forcefully took Sita to Lanka. Ram and Lakshman wandered in search of Sita. As they were looking for her, the wounded bird Jatayu informed them that Ravan had taken Sita towards the South.

ram and lakshman

Hanuman: The strength of the vaanars

Hanuman grew up to be very powerful and agile, with the blessings from Gods. He could change his form and size as per his wish. Hanuman was blessed that no weapon shall ever harm him. Despite his extraordinary powers, he remained humble and loyal to his vaanar community.  Sugreev, the vaanar King, was under threat of attack by his brother, Vali. He depended on Hanuman to guard his kingdom and protect him from Vali. Sugreev knew that he was safe, if Hanuman was by his side.

Ram and Hanuman: The first meeting

Sugreev learned that two young humans, carrying bows and arrows, were spotted near his kingdom. Sugreev feared that Vali may have sent them to attack him. He requested Hanuman’s help, to study and understand the motive of the two humans.

Hanuman used his ability to change his own form, and took the guise of a sage, and walked towards the youths. 

Ram and Lakshman noticed a sage walking towards them, and hence joined their palms with respect, offering their ‘pranaams’. 

Hanuman looked at them carefully – they were well-built and looked like skilled archers. Hanuman asked them, “Who are you? You do not belong to this place, never seen you here before. Where are you from?” 

Ram said, “We are sons of King Dashrath, I am Ram and he is my brother Lakshman. We are living in exile and searching for my wife Sita. Will you be able to help us please”? 

Ram and Hanuman: A new bond of friendship and devotion

Ram’s aura was so strong and his eyes only had love, kindness, and hope, as he asked for help. Hanuman could feel the pain in Ram’s voice. He went down on his knees and changed back into his true form. “Forgive me for being disguised as a sage, I am Anjani-suta, Vayuputra Hanuman. I wanted to know who you are, only to guard my friend, vaanar King Sugreev. My Lord, please allow me to serve you. Let me take you to the vaanar kingdom, we will be glad to help you in your mission.”


Hanuman stood on his feet and grew larger than a tree. He bowed down asking Ram and Lakshman to seat themselves on his shoulders. Lakshman, Ram, and Hanuman went into the dense forests, where the vaanars would soon play a new role – as Ram’s vaanar ‘sena’ (army) – as a part of the mission to rescue Sita.

The day Hanuman first met Ram, he pledged to be his ‘Prabhu’ Shri Ram’s ‘sevak’. This devotion and loyalty gave Hanuman the wisdom to make the right use of his strength and abilities.

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