Ramayana Quiz - Level 2

Here we are developing a series of Ramayana Quiz that starts at a lemon-squeezy level. Try this and share your thoughts with us and we will add more levels here.

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Ramayana quiz


Lemon-Squeezy Ramayana Quiz

Through this Multiple Choice Ramayana Quiz, you may clear level 2 of your Ramayana Quotient



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#1. Bhagwan Parshurama and Prabhu Shree Ram had an argument on breaking of a bow of bhagwan Shiv. What was the name of that Bow ?

This was the same bow on which Ma Sita put the pratyancha. You see, one of the name of Bhagwan Shiv is Pinaki because he owns Pinaka, te mighty bow


#2. Which character of Rmayan had a boon to extract half the power of his oponent? ? He betrayed his own younger brother and robbed him off his wife

That is why he was able to beat Ravan. Yes, Vanar raj Vali took Ravana in his armpit and ran for 100 yojan and beaten him like crazy all because he had a boon that he will extract half the power of whoever comes and challenge him to fight.


#3. Who is the wife of Lakshmana and the sister of Ma Sita?

When it was time to depart from Ayodhya and the wife of Lakshmana was very upset as she was not going with her husband, Lakshmana cheered her up by saying, Hey Urmila, Ur [heart / hrudaya] mila vida karo.


#4. Which is the place where Prabhu Ramachandra met Jaanaki?

When both kumars [Prabhu Shri Ram and Lakshman ji] were traveling with Rishi Vashishtha, they happened to visit Mithila, and in some shlok it is said that Ma Janaki saw the reflection of Shree Ram in a gem of her Ring. But they actually met in the court of Mithila


#5. What is another name of Rishi Vishwamitra?

Rishi Vishwamitra is also known as ‘Kaushik’


#6. What is the nakshatra in which Sri Ramachandra was born?

the ninth day of that Chaitra month, when it is Punarvasu Nakshatra yukta Navami tithi, and when five of the nine planets – Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are exalted and when Moon and Jupiter are together in Cancer Lagna (ascendant) and when the day is advancing, Queen Kausalya gave birth to a son.


#7. What was the name of the Sword of Ravan that he got from Bhagwan Shiv?

This is the same sword with which Ravan cut the feathers of Pakshiraj Jatayu. It was Chandrahaas


#8. Who was the guru of Prabhu Shrre Ram?

Rishi Vishwamitra only invited Prabhu Shriram and Lakshman ji to guard his Yajnas, but the education of all 4 rajkumars was done under the guidance of Rishi Vashishtha only who happens to be the Kulaguru of Raja Dashrath


#9. Whom did Maharaj Dasharatha selected to lead the "Putrakamesti Yaaga"?

Rishi Shrunga who was also the husband of Maharaja Dashrath daughter, Devi Shanta, lead this yajna


#10. Who is not the son of Ravan?

Meghnad and Akshaya kumar were the sons of Mandodari, the chief consort of Ravan and even Durdantak and Narantak were also his sons. Only Suketu was a Yaksha and the father of Tadka.