Let's experience Stories from ancient India

We create experiences around stories from ancient India to let you and your children think, collaborate, and acquire futuristic skills.

stories from ancient India

Get ready for Escape Rooms, Card Games and Activity Stacks

For example you may try

ksheer sagar manthan

Finding Ratnas

Through this Treasure hunt that children might play within their home, not only they will learn about the 14 Ratnas that came out from Ksheer Sagar Manthan [the churning of the ocean story]

this game will also give them imagination, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and many more skills apart from exploring popular stories from ancient India

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There are more games in the queue like

krishna janmashtami game

Krishna's Arrival

This game is a part of our Astro Spy Series where one can learn about Panchangam, Nakshatra, constellations, concept of time, movement of space bodies etc.

Krishna’s Arrival is the first level in this series so it is a very basic Interactive video based riddle series.

It will be released by the mid December.

then we are also building

The Divine Batttle

This game works differently as this is a card battle game based on Durga Devi’s win over Demon King Mahishasur

The first thing that children will learn is to connect multiple conditions together. This game is also being designed to let them experience imagination, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking apart from discovering an ancient story Mahishasur Mardini . . . . The game is still awaited.

mahishasur mardini devi

and of course, we cannot close our list without

Journey of Dhruva

This Escape Room that we have designed to let you test your brains while exploring the story of Dhruva whose amazing mother Suruchi guided him to follow the path to Bhagwan Vishnu.

In an escape room you are given Riddles after Riddles and you come out of it only when you are able to solve them all

This game will also be released within December.

There are more games coming on BAALKAND, SAPTARSHI etc. While we release more about them, meanwhile, you may have a look at

Our Guides, the best gift for Parents who want to explore stories from ancient India

This is our flagship work. We have already released two guides so far. You may have a look at our guides page . . . click here

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