Samudra Manthan Story Pack

From Rishi Durvasa to Devraj Indra to Devasur Sangram to Mohini Avtar to a Celestial Beauty to the Goddess of the Water and Wine or the Immortality giving Nectar Amrit, to the most deadly poison Halahal, and much more. You see, Samudra Manthan Story is a culmination of many stories.

asuras in samudra manthan
Asuras in Samudra Manthan

In short, it as the story of how the mighty powers of the world both from good side and the bad side came together to churn the cosmic ocean to find out 14 great Ratnas that were lost in this ocean.

What were these 14 ratnas and how they were capable to transform the world and how things settled after the samudra manthan

There is not really one place, one time or one story, where it all starts, the sources of this story goes to Vishnu Purana to Garud Purana to many other texts and scriptures.

So let’s start with Mohini Avatar story and then we will gradually explore other associated stories

Mohini Avatar as per Vishnu Puran

Devas, who were like the good guys, and the asuras, who were not so good, decided to work together to churn the ocean and find something very special called Amrit, which could make them live forever.

So to understand the base story, lets start with Mohini Avatar and then gradually we will add more stuff into it

mohini aatar

As the churning continued, a beautiful and graceful form appeared – it was Mohini Avatar! Mohini was like a celestial princess with the most dazzling beauty you can imagine. The enchantress . . . . Read Mohini Avatar

From here you know the base and now we will talk about what were the 14 Ratnas that came out, how the churning process started

One of the 14 Ratnas was a divine super powerful horse Ucchaisravas, that earlier belonged to Indra, the king of Devas, but after the churning it was given to Asura King Bali. Here below is an interesting back story of the horse

Kadru and Vinata: The Epic Tale of Boons and Curses

Out of all the wives of Rishi Kashyapa, his two wives, Kadru and Vinata, asked him for a boon. He was not an ordinary person and he decided to give them special gifts, like magical presents!

kadru and vinata

One day, Kadru and Vinata visited the seashore and saw a special horse named Ucchaisravas. Kadru tricked Vinata with a game about the colour of its tail. Vinata said it was white, but Kadru said . . Read full story Kadru and Vinata

Not all 14 things that came out of the churning of the cosmic ocean aka the samudra manthan were good for the world

The most deadly poison of the universe did also came out of this churning and here is the story of who saved the world and how.

Neelakantha: How Shiva’s Blue Throat Saved the World

The story of Shiva turning into Neelakantha is very much connected to Samudra Manthan. Every Hindu knows Shiva as a powerful and kind-hearted deity and that is why he is also known as Bholenath and is one of the tridev.

Shiva the Neelakantha

Known for his mighty powers and love here is how he saved the world from Halahal the most deadly poison of the world that came out of the Ksheer sagar Manthan .. . Read More

Guess what, you will get to know about all the related stories here on this page alone. We will keep adding many more stories here

By the way, we have also designed Finding Ratnas [a Treasure Hunt based activity pack] and Battle of Amrit [A Board Game] to connect failies with the Samudra Manthan Story.

Author of this entire story pack

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