Samudra Manthan Story: How to introduce ancient stories to your child

From Rishi Durvasa to Devraj Indra to Devasur Sangram to churning of the milk ocean to Amrit and Halahal to Mohini Avtar to a lot of other characters and stories of a Celestial Beauty or the Goddess of Water and Wine or the Immortality giving Nectar, and much more. You see, Samudra Manthan Story is a culmination of many stories. 

Samudra manthan Story

If you are thinking Who knows these stories, Don’t worry, you are sorted for that

Here we are sharing the sub-stories related to Samudra Manthan Story all at one place

But before that we want to talk about a big challenge

yantra in Hinduism for Kids

The biggest challenge in telling this story is that, it is you, who is interested in telling about the Kurma Avatar or Mandrachal Parvat or Vasuki Nag, or Sharang Dhanush, or Kaustubh Mani or the altercation between Maharishi Durvasa and Indra

You see, it is you who is interested in sharing these stories, while your children may simply be interested in Pokemon, Minecraft, and Ryan’s World.

samudra manthan story vs pokemon

So what you need to understand is that in most cases you will first have to focus on increasing curiosity among children and only after that, they are really interested to listen to the Samudra Manthan Story

Otherwise your children will simply ignore it

  • You may search the internet to find games and activities for kids and try customise them with this story.
  • And if you are interested in deep understanding, we strongly recommend you to read our guide, Hinduism for kids
  • And you may also take inspirations from our Hindu Gods Games

By the way Finding Ratnas [a Treasure Hunt based activity pack] and Battle of Amrit [A Board Game] are designed totally on Samudra Manthan Story only.

List of Sub-Stories within Samudra Manthan Story

Discover the mesmerizing story of Sage Kashyapa’s two wives, Kadru and Vinata, as they navigate the complexities of divine boons, sibling rivalry, and a fateful wager involving the legendary Ucchaisrava.…Read more

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Neelakantha: How Shiva’s Blue Throat Saved the World

The story of Shiva turning into Neelakantha.

Every Hindu knows Shiva as a powerful and kind-hearted deity in the Trinity.

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