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Neelakantha: How Shiva’s Blue Throat Saved the World

The story of Shiva turning into Neelakantha.

Every Hindu knows Shiva as a powerful and kind-hearted deity in the Trinity.

Known for his mighty powers and love for all living beings, Shiva is affectionately called by many names like Bholenath, Shankar, Mahesh, and many more

One of his names is Neelakantha, the one with the blue throat.

This is the story of how he got this name.

The precursor event where Shiva got his name as Neelakantha

In the enchanting land of gods and goddesses, one day, a great adventure unfolded in the divine realm.

Devas i.e. the gods and Asuras i.e. demons decided to embark on a quest to find the divine nectar called “The Amrit” that could make them immortal.

But it was lost in the Ksheer Sagar, the cosmic ocean.

So both Deas and Asuras decided to do a Samudra Manthan, a churn in the milk ocean.

They used a giant mountain named Mount Mandara as a churning rod and a serpent named Vasuki as a rope, working together to churn the vast ocean.

Emergence of Halahal the poison

Amidst the churning, a perilous poison named “halahala” emerged, posing a threat to everything in its path.

In some places, Halahal is also termed Kaalkoot

It was the most deadly poison in the universe that was potentially going to destroy the world.

Shiva consumed Halahal and became Neelakantha

Faced with this danger, both Devas and Asura went to Shiva to save them and the world.

Shiva knew he had to act. Without hesitation, he courageously drank the deadly poison, turning his throat blue and earning the name Neelakantha.

However, the poison was so deadly that it made even the mighty lord Shiva terribly ill, and the gods and goddesses were filled with worry.

Devi came to rescue

In their time of need, they called upon Devi Parvati, the divine mother, who is also the consort of Shiva for her help.

Filled with love and compassion, Devi rushed to Shiva’s side.

Witnessing Shiva in pain, Devi used her magical powers to cool down his burning throat. With a gentle touch and a shower of flowers, she channeled her healing energy into Shiva’s throat. But the impact of the poison made his neck [kantha] blue [Neela]

and that is why, he was called Neelakantha

Slowly, the pain faded away, and Neelakantha’s blue throat became a symbol of love and sacrifice for the world.

From that day forward, Shiva, now Neelakantha, and Devi’s boundless love saved the world from the dangerous poison. The gods, goddesses, and all living beings lived happily ever after in the divine land.

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