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Kadru and Vinata: The Epic Tale of Boons and Curses

Kadru and Vinata were daughters of Prajapati Daksha. This is a story of a great adventure by them!

The Enchanting Gifts from Sage Kashyapa to Kadru and Vinata

Out of all the wives of Rishi Kashyapa, his two wives, Kadru and Vinata, asked him for a boon. He was not an ordinary person and he decided to give them special gifts, like magical presents!

Kadru asked for a thousand sons who would turn into Nagas, and Vinata wished for two super-powerful sons. Sage Kashyapa was kind, and he made their dreams come true with his magical powers.

Kadru’s Thousand Serpent Sons and Vinata’s Impatient Move

Many, many years passed, and Kadru’s thousand serpent sons were born out of the thousand eggs. But Vinata got a little impatient waiting for her two sons. She cracked one of the eggs too soon, and a son named Aruna was born with tiny legs and a weak body. He got mad at his mom for not letting him develop fully in the egg and wished her a job for five hundred years!

The Tricky Game with Ucchaisrava and the Colorful Wager

One day, Kadru and Vinata visited the seashore and saw a special horse named Ucchaisravas. Kadru tricked Vinata with a game about the colour of its tail. Vinata said it was white, but Kadru said it was black. They made a bet – the loser had to be the winner’s helper for a long, long time!

Kadru’s Clever Plan and the Sneaky Serpent Sacrifice

Kadru, being very clever, told her serpent sons about the bet and a plan to win. They hid in Ucchaisrava’s tail to make it look black from far away. Some serpents didn’t like the plan, but Kadru cursed them! Later, they agreed to turn into the tail hairs.

Later, they agreed to turn into the tail hairs.

What was Kadru curse to Vasuki?

when Vasuki and a few other sons decline to help their mother Kadru against her ill will to cheat her younger sister, she becomes furious and gives them a curse that they will be burned alive. How in due course Vasuki saves himself and his brothers is a full story to read that we will soon share here

The Nagas’ Sacrifice and Vinata’s Time as a Helper

The next day, when Kadru and Vinata checked the horse’s tail, it looked black. Vinata lost the bet, and for five hundred years, she had to be Kadru’s helper. This sad event was important in a big story where Lord Brahma needed to stop the snakes from being too mean. So What was Kadru’s curse on Vasuki and how did he get saved from that? That can be a story for some other day. But in short, Vasuki finally managed to save himself and his brothers with the help of a rishi, I will tell you that story some other day

The Wonderful and Mysterious Tale of Kadru and Vinata in Sage Kashyapa’s Family

And so, this story teaches us about wishes, challenges, and tricky games in a magical world. Let’s explore more amazing stories from Mokshaerse, the magical land, where lessons and adventures are woven into every tale.

This is a sub-story to Samudra Manthan Story

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