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Easy-peazy level

Here we are developing a series of Ramayana Quiz.

Easy-peasy is a beginner’s level easy Ramayana Quiz. There are more levels waiting for you after that to help you test your Ramayana quotient in an exhaustive way. 

Upcoming levels are Lemon-Squeazy Ramayana Quiz and Brain-Teasy Ramayana Quiz. This last one is ramayana difficult quiz.

Ramayana quiz

Quiz is a prior knowledge game.

Would you like to take a crash course on Ramayana

You should know about Rama the protagonist, his parents, siblings, Wife, friends, teachers, his kingdom, and of course his adversaries.

Parents of Rama

The name of his father was Maharaja Dashratha, a mighty king who had 3 wives. Koushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. Koushalya was the biological mother of Rama but he always paid the same respect to his other two mothers. It is said that Kaikeyi loved him most before his matibhrama.

Siblings of Rama

People from India consider him as Bhagwan in the form of an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Rama had 3 brothers namely Bharat, Lakshmana, and Shatrughna. Some stories tell that he had a sister too. Can you name the sister. Can you name the wives of his brothers.

Wife of Rama

The name of his wife is Sita. Like we call him bhagwan, we call her Mata Sita. [mata means mother]

Friends and Aids of Rama

Rama had many friends and aids like Hanuman, Sugreeva, Jatayu, Jambvan, Vibhishan, Kevat etc but one of his childhood friend was Nishadraj [The king of Nishads, a tribe from the jungle]. He was the official chief guest on his coronation ceremony.

Adversaries of Rama

His main adversary was Ravan. But then he had a lot of other opponents too like Tadaka, Marich, Shurpanakha, Ahiravan, Vali, etc.

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#1. Who feed Shri Ram leftover berries and still considered as the most caring bhakta ?

Shramana allias Shabri lived in Matang Rishi Ashram and waited for very long for the arrival of Shree Ram and when he finally came, she tasted berries and served him only those that were sweet and tasty. Everyone was surprised when ShreeRam happily ate these leftover berries.


#2. Who went to Ravan as a messanger of Prabhu Shreeram just before the Battle and put his leg in his court that no one could move?

It was none other than Angad who was sent as an envoy to give Ravan a last warning and an option to surrender, but when Ravan did not agree, ANGAD put his leg in the middle of his court and challenged anyone to move it an inch. No one could do so and then in last Ravan himself got up to do that, that is when Angad said, don’t touch my feet, you have to do it to Shreeram, if you want a solace.


#3. Who ran a kingdom for 14 years by putting sleepers of his brother on the throne?

When he could not convince Prabhu Shree Ram, Bharath decided to run the kingdom for him by putting the Charanpaduka of Shree Ram on the throne.


#4. Who is the mother of Prabhu Shreeram?

Raja Dshrath had 3 wives, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. While Shreeram was the son of Ma Kaushalya, he cared for the other two also as his own mother.


#5. Who is the wife of Prabhu Shreeram?

I wonder what would I say if you had not opted for Ma Sita


#6. Who is not the brother of Prabhu Shreeram?

Raja Dashrath had 4 sons, Rama, Bharath, Lakshman, Shatrughna


#7. Raja Dashrat granted two boons to which of his queen?

Ma Kaikeyi was an ace warrior who helped her husband in wars. In one such battle, she saved the life of Raja Dashrath and got these 2 boons from him.


#8. Which Rakshas slept for 6 months?

Kumbhakarna would sleep for 6 month.


#9. Who composed the original Ramayana?

As Rishi Valmiki wrote Ramayana, it is also called Valmiki Ramayana


#10. Which rakshasi looked after Ma Sita in Ashoka Vatika ?

Trijata was the caretaker of Ashoka Vatika who happened to be very caring for Ma Sita


Two types of Ramayana Quiz

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We offer the following two types

Simple Quiz

As its name suggests, the simple quiz have simple and straight questions and you need to pick the right answer from the options.

Rebus Puzzle

It is a difficult relic to hunt. IN Rebus Ramayana you just see an image and you need to guess answers. The answer can be anything from a character, to a story, to an event or a place from Ramayana. You see the picture and guess the answer.