Ramayana Puzzle: Rebus

Our absolutely FREE Rebus Ramayana Puzzle suitable for 10 plus age group expect you to guess Ramayana Characters, stories, and events. This Rebus Puzzle requires prior knowledge of Ramayana, the epic that tells the story of Lord Rama.

Ramayana Puzzle

A free online REBUS puzzle on Ramayana

Quiz is a prior knowledge game.

Here is a crash course on Ramayana before you hit the Quiz

You should know about Rama the protagonist, his parents, siblings, Wife, friends, teachers, his kingdom, and of course his adversaries.

Parents of Rama

The name of his father was Maharaja Dashratha, a mighty king who had 3 wives. Koushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra. Koushalya was the biological mother of Rama but he always paid the same respect to his other two mothers. It is said that Kaikeyi loved him most before his matibhrama.

Siblings of Rama

People from India consider him as Bhagwan in the form of an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Rama had 3 brothers namely Bharat, Lakshmana, and Shatrughna. Some stories tell that he had a sister too. Can you name the sister. Can you name the wives of his brothers.

Wife of Rama

The name of his wife is Sita. Like we call him bhagwan, we call her Mata Sita. [mata means mother]

Friends and Aids of Rama

Rama had many friends and aids like Hanuman, Sugreeva, Jatayu, Jambvan, Vibhishan, Kevat etc but one of his childhood friend was Nishadraj [The king of Nishads, a tribe from the jungle]. He was the official chief guest on his coronation ceremony.

Adversaries of Rama

His main adversary was Ravan. But then he had a lot of other opponents too like Tadaka, Marich, Shurpanakha, Ahiravan, Vali, etc.

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Rebus Puzzle is essentially a Picture Puzzle or some people also call it a photo puzzle, where the puzzle is in the form of some images through which you would be expected to guess answers.

This particular Rebus Puzzle asks you to guess Characters, Events, Places and Stories of Ramayana.

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#1. Can you guess this character from Ramayana? ? one of the mothers of rama

You must know about this story of how Rani Kaikeyi saved the life of Maharaj Dashratha, Oh, she was a warrioress, a mmighty one. She used to go to war fields along with Maharaja Dashratha. Once in the battle ground, she saved him by fixing his rath [chariot] and in return Maharaja Dashrath gave her 2 boons, whenever she want it.

When the time arrived,, she asked for the throne for his son,, Bharata and also asked to send Rama to the forest for 14 years.

It is Rani Kaikeyi


#2. Guess this character from Ramayan. [Clues are available at ‘?’] ? Pakshiraj

You see a large bird feather and you see a mighty sword and you also see blood

So which bird’s feathers were cut by a mighty sword after which he bleed to death

It was Jatayu


#3. Can you guess this character from Ramayana? ? a maid who spoiled everything

Yes,, this is about a maid who put wrong ideas into the mind of her queen, guess what, she was a hunchback

You got it, It was Manthara


#4. Guess this character from Ramayana. [Clues are available at ‘?’] ? the second vanar sent by Rama to Lanka

So you know forsure that this would be a Vanar, and who you see a messenger andyou also see a leg

Can’t we guess, this is about a Vanar, who was a messanger and who put his leg in the court of Ravan and no one could move his leg

Yes you guessed it right, It was ANGAD


#5. Guess the character from Ramayana [Clues are available at ‘?’] ? she cared for Ma Sita

So you can see ASHOKA Trees and you can see sri lanka, you could see a kharag and you can see a rakshas or rakshasi

What do you think who was the rakshas or rakshasi from sri lanka whom you can associate with Ashoka Tree or Ashoka Vatika

The rakshasi from Lanka who lived in Ashok Vatika along with Maa Sita



#6. Can you guess this character from Ramayana? ? whose nose was cut

You can see a woman proposing to a man and you can see a nose and a cut representation with scissors. Who is it whose nose was cut because she proposed to a married man and asked him to leave his wife and marry her? You know it was someone who was adamant and even tried killing his wife.

You guessed it right, It was Supanakha OR Shurpanakha


#7. This image reperesents a character from ramayan whose name starts with 'k', Can you guess the name. [If you cannot guess, clues are available at ‘?’] ? Real Owner of Lanka

Sage Vishrava had two wives Ilavida and Kaikasi You see, Kuber was the son of Ilavida and Ravan was that of Kaikasi who was a Rakshasi.

This way Ravan and Kuber were half brothers. Kuber was the actual owner of Lanka which Ravan snatched away from him.


#8. Guess this character from Ramayana [Clues are available at ‘?’] ? blue thing represents sleep

So you can see 6 months, and you can see snoring and here are elephants to make sound.

Who slept for 6 months and was waked up with the sounds of elephants

You see, It was Kumbhakaran


#9. Guess the character from Ramayan. [Clues are available at ‘?’] ? known for his pharsa

You are seeing a rurdaksha mala in hand, and you see, pharsa and dhanush baan and you see a NO or cancel on a fughter

Rudrakhsa mala in hands represents a brahmin from ancient times, and a fighter of the old times is a Kshatriya, so he is someone who was killing kshatryas

and he was known for his pharsa

He was none other than parshuram


#10. Can you guess this character from Ramayana? ? who got his projany from the earth

You see it is the story of a king [THE HEADGEAR] who got a kalash while ploughing the fields and what he got there, a little girl child, who was Sita.

Yes, this is the story of Raja Janak