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Quiz is a prior knowledge game.

You use it to check your knowledge and to amuse yourself.

Instead, If your goal is to learn [or teach] about Ramayana, Mahabharata or Puranas, you may take any one of the following roots

Sagar Manthan Treasure Hunt


ramayana quiz


Hindu Games to learn a rare ancient hindu story


Rebus Ramayana Quiz

We are very sure that you are going to love these quizzes. Here is the first level quiz, soon we will update the second level too. Donot forget to share it on your network, so that mmore people can enjoy it.

Ramayana quiz
Hindu games ramayana puzzzle

Ramayana Puzzle - Level 1

Simple Ramayana Quiz

Our actual plan is to make one single quiz, and we are sure that would be a nice experience. As soon as we get a good coder, we will release that here. Meanwhile you are welcome to experience a distributed one at 3 levels

Easy-peasy Level

The easy level

Ramayana quiz

At this level you will be expected to solve very basic questions like basic characters, events, and places

Try this quiz level and tell us what you think of it

Lemon-Squeazy Level

The moderate level

Hindu games ramayana puzzzle

Here at this level you will be able to solve only if you know deeper stories of Ramayana.

This will be a little bit hard, may be more than a little bit. Try this one and tell us what you think of it

Brain-Teasy Level

The difficult level

This is for those who may have read the Ramayana several times and just want to check, if they left something

Make sure to inform us if you find something easy here and we will change