Finding Ratnas: Treasure Hunt Card Game for Kids and Families


    Finding Ratnas is a Treasure Hunt for 7 years and above

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    Finding Ratnas a Treasure Hunt Card Game is an opportunity not only to teach your children about Samudra Manthan Story, but also to help them learn critical thinking skills. and guess what, they [and you] can enjoy it without any prior knowledge

    • TREASURE HUNT CARD GAME: Finding Ratnas a Treasure Hunt includes 2 sets of Ratna Cards [each with 15 cards], 2 sets of Matching Quiz Cards [each with 14 cards], Hiding Instructions, and Story Sheets all in one game pack along with a manual. Guess what you will get an additional trivia game for free download along with this pack.
    • GREAT FOR KIDS & FAMILIES: A fun-filled engaging family board game for not only kids, but you may also play with your friends at an After-party of the Pooja at your home. While we recommend it for one or two players, however, more players can be involved by making two teams. This game is not designed for the outdoors. it would be perfect to play indoors on any day!
    • HOW TO PLAY: A parent can become the Game Master and hide the Ratna Cards as per the Hiding Instructions. Once children find the cards following the clues written behind them, the second phase of the game starts where they will have to match Quiz Cards with Ratna Cards. Now they are allowed to explore the stories! They may also play the additional trivia game available for free download. All this with no prior knowledge
    • SKILLSET: The game works on critical thinking, creativity, and working in teams as a skill.
    • MADE IN INDIA FOR 7+ YEARS: This Treasure Hunt Card Game is a made-in-India product with eco-friendly and non-toxic, water-based dyes making it child-safe. No batteries are required & contain no plastic.

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