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Simhika: Danger In The Ocean

Simhika awakens

Hanuman was surfing the ocean on his heels after meeting Surasa. He jumped up high into the sky, thankful for the blessings from his Lord Ram. He knew he needed the blessings throughout the journey. Deep inside the ocean waters, danger was lying in wait. Simhika, the giant demoness, was resting on the ocean bed. She opened her eyes and gave an evil smile. There was a new prey!

Attack on the shadows

Simhika rested in the oceans. She did not have to work hard to grab her prey. All she needed was to spot their shadows when they went sailing in the ocean, or flying over it. Simhika would hold their shadows in the water, pull them towards herself, and swallow them. She looked into the waters and noticed Hanuman’s shadow. With a muscular build and strong limbs, Hanuman looked like a filling and heavy meal. She laughed with greedy delight.

Hanuman felt uneasy as he was flying in the sky. He touched his chest and took a deep breath. Still, his hands and legs seemed weak. Something was holding him back, not letting him move. It was Simhika, who was laughing with her mouth open and dragging Hanuman by his shadow. Hanuman felt a strong pull . He landed with a loud splash, and began drowning in the deep waters. He tried kicking with his legs to swim his way out. But Simhika used her strength and pulled Hanuman into her huge mouth. Once he was inside her mouth, her jaws closed.

Hanuman’s smart defense

Hanuman was trapped inside Simhika’s mouth, with no way to exit. He had landed on her tongue. Her deathly sharp teeth seemed like a cage all around him. But Hanuman, the bearer of Bal (strength), Buddhi (intelligence) and Vidya (knowledge), did not fear.

Hanuman started growing in size. He grew taller and stronger till he reached the roof of Simhika’s mouth. The demoness began to feel uncomfortable as her mouth was stretching from within. Her jaws were struggling to make space for the meal she had swallowed! Hanuman gave a power-packed hard punch with his fist. The demoness screamed in pain! Hanuman grabbed the insides of Simhika’s mouth with both hands. Then, using all his strength, he tore up the monster. That was the end of Simhika’s life, as the torn pieces of her body submerged into the ocean.

Hanuman emerged from the waters. His eyes shone with loyalty, gratitude, and determination to succeed in his mission. Hanuman chanted “Jai Shri Ram” in his humble voice, took one mighty leap, and proceeded on his journey.

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