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Hanuman and Lankini – The Battle

Lankini – The first glimpse

Hanuman crossed the ocean and finally reached Lanka, Ravan’s Kingdom. As Hanuman flew down from the skies towards the ground, the view of Lanka was clearer. Lanka Nagari was huge, and shining, as it was built of gold. The golden pillars had detailed carvings that looked like asuras’ ugly faces.

He noticed a woman standing at the gate.


Hanuman thought, “No, this cannot be Devi Sita… then who is this?” The woman’s golden-colored skin made her seem like she was born out of the golden Lanka. She had long and flowing hair, held weapons in her hand, and had horns on her head. The woman stood in front of Hanuman, and said, “I am Lankini, the gatekeeper of Lanka. You belong to the forest. Why are you here?”

The history of the cursed gatekeeper Lankini

Lankini was initially the gatekeeper of Brahma’s home. She was very proud and arrogant and used to disrespect everyone around her, due to her arrogance. Brahma was angry and felt that she did not deserve to be a guardian in the heavens. Hence, Brahma cursed Lankini and said that she shall serve as the gatekeeper of a place where asuras live. When Lankini pleaded and begged, Brahma said that she would be freed from this curse if she was defeated by a vaanar. (Reference: Sundara Kanda)


Hanuman tries to convince Lankini

Outside the gates of Lanka, Hanuman was thinking about how to find his way inside, without letting anyone know that he is looking for Sita. He said to Lankini, “I wish to see the beautiful city of Lanka, please allow me”. But Lankini stood firm in her place and asked, “Then you must know that I am the guardian and no one can enter this place without my permission.” Still, Hanuman politely said, “Once I have seen all of Lanka I will leave from here.” Hanuman was trying hard to convince her, to allow him inside Lanka. Hence Lankini suspected that Hanuman had a different purpose. She did not want to talk to him anymore and raised her hand to attack Hanuman.

swift hanuman

Hanuman defeats Lankini

Hanuman’s movements had the speed of the wind. He quickly moved to save himself from Lankini’s attack. He jumped up high, flew towards Lankini, and gave her a hard blow with his fist. Lankini was no match for his strength. She fell on the ground, injured, and looked up at Hanuman. She said “You are a vaanar who has defeated me and freed me from my curse today. I no longer need to be the gatekeeper of Lanka. Please proceed this way, and succeed in your mission.”

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