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Hanuman Brings Sanjivani: The Gift of Life

“Laaya Sanjivan Lakhan Jiyaye” – This line from the Hanuman Chalisa refers to how Hanuman brings Sanjivani – the herb, the ‘gift of life’, to save Ram’s dear brother Lakshman. This beautiful story describes how the Ram-Doot Hanuman has no limits in devotion. Hanuman can go to any extent and will do anything and everything to be of service to his Lord Ram.

Indrajit attacks Lakshman

Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman, and the entire vaanar sena reached Lanka and stepped onto the battlefield. Ravan sent his asuras to destroy them, but the vaanars led by Sugreev and Hanuman, fought bravely. The warrior princes of Ayodhya were defeating Ravan’s huge army. Therefore, Ravan’s son Indrajit decided to take charge and kill Ram and Lakshman. Indrajit was known for his magical powers and his knowledge of divine weapons. He entered into a one-to-one fight with Lakshman.

Indrajit realized that both the brothers were well-versed in archery and knowledge of weapons. So Indrajit decided to use the Shakti Baan and sent it flying towards Lakshman. The powerful weapon hit Lakshman on his chest, and he collapsed immediately.

Seeing this, Ram rushed to his brother’s side and placed Lakshman’s head on his lap. Ram cried bitterly, blaming himself for not being able to protect his younger brother. Hanuman was feeling worried. Now what could he do to save Lakshman’s life?

Sanjivani – The only possible miracle

As all the vaanars gathered near Ram and Lakshman, Jambhavan asked Hanuman to seek Sushen’s help. Sushen was a skilled physician in Lanka, offering medicinal help to Ravan and his kingdom. Hence, Hanuman approached Sushen, pleading with him to save Lakshman’s life. The royal physician Sushen refused to help as he belonged to Lanka after all!

sushen vaidya

Hanuman tried hard but he could not convince Sushen. Thus, realizing that he had no other option, Hanuman picked Sushen up against his will and carried him all the way to Ram.

When Hanuman placed Sushen in front of Ram, Sushen joined his hands. Kneeling beside Ram, he touched Lakshman’s forehead and checked his pulse.

sushen checking Lakshman

Sushen said, “There is a plant known as Sanjivani. It is a medicinal herb that grows far away on the Dronagiri mountain. I need this plant to prepare the medicine, to save Lakshman’s life.” Hearing this, everyone turned towards Hanuman, their only hope. If Hanuman brings Sanjivani just in time, Sushen will be able to revive Lakshman. Will Hanuman make the miracle possible?

Hanuman sets out to bring Sanjivani

Hanuman bowed to Sushen and set off to look for the plant. He wanted to save Lakshman’s life and restore Ram’s strength and happiness. He went flying in the sky and reached the Dronagiri mountain. Hanuman was amazed to see the number of plants growing in the mountain. All of the plants looked beautiful. Which one could be Sanjivani? Hanuman was very intelligent and mindful. He said, “I must not waste time wondering which plant to pick. Lakshman’s life is in danger. Sushen is our only hope and I am sure he will be able to identify which one is Sanjivani. I must return soon so that the gifted physician Sushen can cure Lakshman.”

Hanuman touched the base of the mountain with his hands. In a second, he lifted the entire mountain on his palm and flew back to where Sushen and Ram waited for his return.

hanuman brings sanjivani

Hanuman brings Sanjivani

Hanuman placed the mountain beside Sushen. Sugreev looked at Hanuman and felt proud of his strongest and courageous friend. Hanuman said, “I could not identify the plant, and I know we have very little time on hand. Hence I brought the entire mountain for you. Please help us!” Sushen stepped forward and identified the Sanjivani (meaning “life-giving”) plant, and plucked its leaves. He crushed the leaves using a stone and poured the juice into Lakshman’s mouth. Hanuman and all the other vaanars stood with their hands joined in prayer, waiting for Lakshman to be revived.

As the gift of life from the medicinal plant entered Lakshman’s body, he slowly opened his eyes. Lakshman embraced his beloved brother and slowly stood up on his feet. Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman, and the vaanars thanked Sushen for his help. Ram said, “Hanuman, you saved my brother’s life,” and embraced Hanuman. The dutiful Ram-Doot had joy tears in his eyes. Hanuman expressed his gratitude to Sushen, and gently carried the physician back to his home in Lanka.

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