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Trivakra: The hunchback who was cured by Krishna

The story of Krishna and Trivakra is very interesting.

Long ago, when Krishna and his elder brother Balarama visited Mathura. They were very excited to be in a big town. Their eyes travelled every corner of Mathura. At times some clever city people tried to trick them but the two boys were more clever than anyone. They easily turned the things around whenever someone tried to fool them. As they walked from street to street, people got to know about them. People started talking about them.

Since they had come on the King’s invitation to attend the festival. They felt that the village clothes that there were wearing were not good enough. Soon they found out the royal clothes maker’s shop, just walked in and said, “We have come on the King’s invitation, to attend the royal festival. We want some nice clothes to wear. We will return it to you after the function is over”.

The shop owner was known for his rudeness. He looked at these two village boys asking for royal clothes. He raised his hand to hit Balarama , that is when Krishna punched the man. Being the King’s clothes maker he was very powerful. No one dared to touch him, but when people saw Krishna teach him a lesson. The people of the town started celebrating.

When Trivakra Meets Krishna

There was a lady in Mathura known as Trivakra or Kubja.

Tri-vakra simply means “three deformities”. She was a hunchback, her neck was crooked and one of her knees had gone stiff so she had to drag her leg while walking. She used to be a very beautiful woman at one time, but about twenty years ago she caught some disease which made her like this. Though her name was Malini, people called her “Trivakra” and teased her and made fun of her.

Malini aka Kubja

She made perfumes for all the ladies in the palace. She was told by someone that, some day Vasudev’s son will be able to cure her. She had heard several stories of Krishna and his playtimes. She heard that everyone in Gokul loved him. Just listening to these stories, Kubja had started liking Krishna.

Ever since then Trivakra aka Kubja waited for Krishna.

She arrived at the royal clothes maker’s shop. She saw that the owner was lying on the floor. She saw Krishna and Balarama and asked, “Who are these boys?” Someone said, “They are Nanda’s sons. They have come from Gokul”. When her eyes fell on Krishna, thin and tall sixteen years old boy, she saw the beauty in the boy’s eyes. She realised that Nanda’s son was actually Vasudev’s son. She pushed through the crowd, looked up at Krishna and said, “ I have been waiting for you, Oh Krishna, son of Vasudev”.

Krishna looked at her and smiled. He could see her love and longing for him in her eyes. Krishna knew about her suffering. Krishna hugged Kubja tightly and almost forcefully straightened her body. Soon the words spread in the town that Trivakra is standing straight again, after twenty long years.

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