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Arishtasura: The Death of the Bull Demon by Krishna

Kamsa, the cruel king of Mathura, wanted to kill his little nephew Krishna. It was mentioned in the Akashvani that Krishna would be the reason for Kamsa’s death.

And one after another, Kamsa started calling his servant demons. One of those was a bull demon Arishtasura. Kamsa ordered him to kill Krishna.

The Fierce Battle: Krishna vs Arishtasura in Vrindavan

Arishtasura could transform himself into a bull with his magical powers. After transforming into a bull, he went in search of Krishna towards Vrindavan.

Arishtasura was huge and powerful. He had long pointed horns on his head. He would shake his head from time to time. He would breathe heavily to show his anger. He had sharp hooves that could easily tear apart anything.

Arishtasura Reaches Vrindavan

Upon reaching Vrindavan, Arishtasura saw that many kids were playing. To understand which one was Krishna, he started creating confusion by pulling out trees from their roots. He started destroying houses one by one and scaring away all the people. He knew that Krishna was not an ordinary kid. Krishna would surely come to save others. Krishna would come to challenge him.


Krishna and his friends were out with their cattle. He heard screams coming from the direction of the village. He saw a wild bull was destroying the village. He saw the bull running here and there. Despite his friend’s warning, Krishna ran towards the bull to tame it. As he came closer, Krishna realised that it was not an ordinary bull but a demon.

The Heroic Standoff: Krishna’s Confrontation with Arishtasura

Krishna quickly blocked the path of Arishtasura, and challenged him, “Oh pretty creature! You are trying to show your strength by torturing the poor people by destroying their homes. You are just a wild bull who needs to be tamed. Should I teach you a lesson?” Saying this Krishna laughed at the bull and teased him.

The bull did not like being teased. Krishna’s playful behaviour made him angry. He gave out a loud cry and started digging the earth with his hooves and charged towards Krishna. The bull lifted his tail in the air and moved it so violently that it created a mini-tornado. Seeing this the villagers and Krishna’s friends got worried about Krishna’s safety. They asked Krishna to move away.

Krishna’s Valor: Defeating the Bull Demon, Arishtasura

But Krishna was determined to teach that bull a lesson. Krishna did not move from his place. As soon as the bull came closer, he held him by his horns, pushed him back and threw him aside. Arishtasura was angry by Krishna’s move. He got up and rushed towards Krishna, once again. He used all his power. This time Krishna held one of his horns, lifted him in the air and went round and round. Then threw him on the ground and broke his horn. The bull fell with a loud noise.

Arishtasura had no strength left in him to get up from the ground and fight back. He was bleeding from his mouth. Arishtasura died with a painful cry.

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