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Krishna and Indra: The Giri Govardhan Story

While Krishna was staying in Vrindavan. He saw that, each year the villagers would make great offerings to lord Indra, to please him. They used to decorate the entire village with flowers. Krishna being very curious asked, “Why are you practicing this? Your karma lies in doing your duty towards your farms and cattle.”

How the rift started between Krishna and Indra

Krishna said that Giri Govardhan had a larger role to play in the life of the villagers than Lord Indra. Govardhan provided food for their cattle. Unwilling, but the villagers stopped their annual festival.

Lord Indra was the king of all Gods. He controlled rain and thunderstorms. He lived on Mount Meru in the heavens, from there he ruled over all the other Gods. He was easily pleased and angered by the acts of those, whom he considered less powerful. He was so busy with his wealth and power, that he completely forgot that even Gods have their own karma.

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Lord Indra’s Anger

Indra in his pride, got very angry. Indra sent heavy rainfall and floods to Vrindavan. The villagers got worried as they were helpless. Then, they went to Krishna for his advice, since it was because of him that Indra was angry with the villagers. Krishna knew it very well that Lord Indra was taking out his anger on the poor villagers. He told the villagers that Giri Govardhan will come to their rescue. He gathered all the villagers and took them to the foot of the mighty mountain, Giri Govardhan.

How Giri Goardhan solved the rift between Krishna and Indra

Krishna picked up the heavy mountain just with his tiny finger. The villagers were shocked to see that. He asked everyone to come under Giri Govardhan, with their belongings and their cattle. Krishna saw that everyone was scared. To make everyone feel safe Krishna started playing the flute with other hand. The melodious music made the people forget their fears and sadness. They started dancing with joy. This made Indra more angry and he wanted to punish the little boy for this. It rained continuously for seven days and seven nights.

The villagers wanted to give Krishna some rest, so they held their sticks up under the mountain. They asked Krishna to take rest for a while. Krishna smiled at their innocence and agreed to their wish. As soon as Krishna removed his finger, the sticks started to break. The villagers requested Krishna not to leave the mountain. They understood that Krishna was not an ordinary child.

Indra saw everything that happened. He realised his mistake and understood that Krishna is none other than Lord Vishnu. He then and there ordered the clouds to stop raining. Then he sat on his five headed elephant Airavat and came down to Krishna and asked for his forgiveness. Krishna forgave Lord Indra. The people of Vrindavan went to their homes relieved.

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