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Prathamesh – story of Ganpati and Kartikeya

On a bright sunny day, Lord Ganpati was spending time with his parents – Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva, and his vahana – Mushak. Just then Lord Kartikeya, Lord Ganpati’s brother, entered to challenge his younger brother.

Who is the fastest – you or me? Let us find out with a quick competition.”, Kartikeya announced to Ganpati.

Ganpati, curious to find more about this, asked for details. Kartikeya said, “the one who can travel across (pradakshina) this world 3 times and come back here first, would be the winner”. 

Ganpati nodded, it was rather peculiar competition but an interesting one. Proud parents looked at both of them and initiated the tournament with a shankhnaad (conch sound).

As Kartikeya set to fly on his Vahana Mayur (peacock), Ganpati indulged into modaks.

Kartikeya swiftly completed one round across the world and was back at the starting point. To his astonishment, Ganpati was playing with Mushak. Kartikeya set to take the second round. Before setting for his third pradakshina, Kartikeya noticed Ganpati sleeping by his parents’ feet. He wondered, why was his brother not taking this seriously?

Kartikeya finished his race and came to the starting point. In his mind he had already declared himself a winner, assuming that Ganpati did nothing but just laze around the entire time.

Kartikeya said, “Dear Ganesh, you didn’t even try, clearly I am the winner!

Ganpati said, “I completed the race a long time back. For me, my parents are my world and I did pradakshina around my world thrice.

Kartikeya smiled and accepted his defeat, “Ganesh you are the wisest but the most humble one. You clearly are the winner!

Goddess Parvati and God Shiv awarded Ganpati with immense blessings and said, “Both of you are the wisest and the strongest. It is important to be kind and humble too. This was a peculiar race, yet you both aced it well. Ganesh with his wisdom, has earned the right to be worshiped first, before any of the other supreme Gods and Devi Devatas. Before starting any work, it will be imperative to think of Ganesh first to have a seamless and blessed execution. Other Gods wouldn’t be happy until Ganesh has been worshiped.

From that day, Lord Ganesh earned the title – Prathamesh.

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