How to teach Hinduism to Parents

After understanding the challenges for parents in teaching sanatan dharma to children, we realised a great need to build a parenting community to help them on how to teach Hinduism.

The community will be built at 3 levels

You may be invited to be a part of our community if you can share ideas on the following 3 levels.

Level 1 - Augment the experience

At this level, we want our community members to come up with ideas that may help parents to create the next level sanatan experience for their children. The answer to ‘How to tech Hinduism’ starts with augmenting experiences for families.

Can you come out with an idea where a family may augment their experience of visiting an ancient temple

You may certainly have ideas to share to improve the festival celebration. Let’s say what can be done to celebrate

We want our members to share ideas to augment the experience of satsang parties [Sundar Kand, katha, or Keertan]

Parents in Learning Mode

After augmenting the experience, now parents should learn How to teach Hinduism. How many stories of Gods and Goddesses can you really tell to a child. Here we want our contributors to help us build the following

When you search the internet, it is full of anti Hindu propaganda,, so even curation is a big service, we will release a list

This is our flagship work. We have already released two guides so far. You may have a look at our guides page . . .

We will organise Webinars, Workshops, Programs, and Physical Events to help people learn about Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Community Level Movement

The moment community start playing a role, the experience will go to the next level. Why not subscribe to our weekly newsletter

The work is huge and the only way we can create it is by inviting the community to contribute content, will you contribute

We are trying to create an annual competition of sorts for children by next year, If you know an inetersted RWA, company, NGO . . .

Ramleela Manchs are disappearing slowly and so is local Mela. This ecosystem needs help. Can you do something about it

Dharmic Entrepreneurship Mode

We are still developing this level. If you are a Dharmic Entrepreneur or want to become one, please do write to us.

Will share details

Will share details

Will share details

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