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Yamraj: Hindu God of Death

According to Hindu beliefs, Yamraj is known as the god of death.

Persona of Yamraj

He is a special deity who carries a staff called Yamdand, which is a unique and powerful weapon.

He rides a buffalo Mahish that is black and super powerful. It can move with the speed of thoughts

mahishvahan, the vehicle of the god of death,, Yammraj

Family of Yamraj

He is the son of Sun God, SuryaDev and Devi Saranyu/Sangya, who is the daughter of Dev Vishwakarma.

Yami [the river Yamuna], Ashwinikumar, and Shraddhadev Manu are his siblings.

He was married to 23 daughters [out of a total 84] of Prajapati Daksha

Katila is the son of Yammraj and his wife Ghumorna

Responsibilities of Dharmaraj

Yamraj is responsible for deciding the outcomes of people’s actions, whether they are good or not-so-good.

yamraj -hindu god of death

As per Hindu Scriptures, there are 10 guardians of the 10 directions and they are called Digpal. He is one of the guardians responsible for the south direction.

He is worshiped in various forms, including Dharmaraj, Antaka, Yam, Mrityu, Vaivatsav, Kaal, Sarvabhutakshya, Ooudubhmar, Neel, Vrikodar, Parmeshthi, Daghna, Chitragupta and Chitra

We will soon share the stories of Yam here.

His few famous stories are

  • The teacher of Nchiketa
  • How great Savitri save the life of her husband Satyavan
  • Yamraj and Yami Samvad

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